Clinic Information

The Sutter County Family Law Facilitator and Self-Help Center is now offering in-person and virtual clinics. For virtual clinics, please contact the Self-Help Center by phone (530) 822-3305 or by email to pre-register, to get the meeting materials and information, and if you have any questions. For in-person clinics, you are encouraged to arrive early on the day of the clinic, as it is first come, first served, and space is limited.

The Family Law Facilitator's Office / Self-Help Center offers several Family Law clinics every month. Please check to see if the clinic that you are interested in attending requires pre-registration.  If you are appearing for a scheduled clinic, you will need to select the "sign up for clinic" option at the information kiosk. You will then be called to the Self-Help clerk’s window to complete some intake forms.  

These clinics are offered on a first come first served basis.  Arrive early as the clinics do fill quickly and the number of attendees is limited.

What should I bring with me to a clinic?

Check the Clinic Calendar for specific instructions for each clinic that we offer.

Each time you visit the Self-Help Center, please remember to bring the following items:

  • Photo identification 
  • Your case number
  • Current pay stubs or statements 
  • A blue or black ink pen 
  • Envelopes and postage stamps 

Beginning Dissolution - Beginning Divorce

Fill out all of the forms necessary to begin a dissolution (divorce), legal separation, or nullity case. 

Request for Orders: Custody and Visitation

How to modify your current child custody orders, or obtain orders in an existing case.   

Findings and Order After Hearing

This clinic will help you prepare the Findings and Order After Hearing from your court date. This is the order that you can show law enforcement so they can assist you with enforcing the orders the Judge made in court.  You must obtain a copy of the clerk's minutes from the hearing date and bring those minutes with you to the clinic.  Your order will need to exactly match the clerk's minutes. Bring 3 envelopes and 9 stamps.

Motion to Modify Ongoing Child Support

This clinic helps you with the forms necessary to ask the court to change your ongoing child support order.  Please bring income and expense information, including copies of your last two months pay stubs if working. Bring 2 standard size envelopes and 6 stamps.

FL-150 Income and Expense Declaration


Find out how to respond when you have been served with papers in a dissolution, parentage or custody case, or a request for order. There are timelines for a Response or Answer that can be critical to the outcome of your case.  

Judgment After Court Trial

Once you have had a trial on your dissolution or parentage case, this clinic helps you to prepare the judgment that puts the orders made by the court into a legally enforceable judgment. For this clinic, you will need to bring 9 stamps and 3 half manila envelopes.

Final Dissolution by Default

Finishing your divorce if the other party has not responded. For this clinic you will need to bring your Petition, Proof of Service, 9 stamps and 3 envelopes (2 half manila envelopes and one standard letter sized envelope). 

Final Dissolution by Agreement

Finishing your divorce by making an agreement with the other party. Bring a written draft of your agreements about child custody,  property, and any other agreements with you to the clinic. You must pre-register for this clinic and you will need to bring 8 stamps and 2 half manila envelopes.

Petition for Custody and Support/Beginning Parentage

Find out how to establish parentage of a child, or to obtain initial custody orders when parentage has been established by a Voluntary Declaration of Parentage / Paternity or Judgment.

Default Parentage / Paternity

Find out how to obtain a Judgment of Parentage / Paternity and custody orders when the other party has not responded to a Petition to Determine Parental Relationship, or a Petition for Custody and Support. Bring 1 standard envelope, 2 half-manila envelopes and 9 stamps.

Complex Service

This clinic will help you serve your initial petition by publication or posting ONLY IF you are unable to locate the other party to have them personally served.You will need to make efforts to locate the other party.The link below to the “Declaration of Due Diligence ” is an example of all of the ways you will need to try to find the other party.It is helpful if you do that search before the clinic and bring the completed form with you.You will also need to bring 2 copies of the documents that need to be served, 4 stamps and 1 half manila envelope.

Declaration of Search


Fill out the forms required for a Guardianship of the Person and, if appropriate, a Temporary Guardianship of the Person. Bring the completed Guardianship Investigation Questionnaire with you. 

Request for Orders: Other Issues

Fill out the forms required to ask the Court for orders in an existing case (not child custody / visitation orders or modify child support orders - see the clinics offered for those issues).  You must pre-register for this clinic.

Trial Readiness

Fill out all of the forms required for your case to proceed to trial.

Ask the Small Claims Advisor

Ask the advisor procedural questions regarding your small claims case. Note:  THE SMALL CLAIMS ADVISOR CANNOT GIVE YOU LEGAL ADVICE.

Self-Help Center Hours

Monday through Friday:

In Person  8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Telephone  8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 


Online Assistance

There are several Self-Help resources that can be accessed from anywhere with internet. The California Court's website has information on a variety of case types and issues, and court forms. If you want help completing court forms online, Odyssey Guide & File is a free program that guides a user through a series of questions with the goal of producing legal forms that may be printed, then filed with the court.