Family Law

Family Law

Family law issues include dissolution which is commonly known as a divorce, legal separation, child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support and domestic violence restraining orders. For more specific information click on the links above.

Responding to a Family Law Case

Typically when you have been served with a Petition or Request for Orders, you will also be served with a blank Response.  There are critical timelines associated with filing your response.  You should always read what you have been served to determine what those timelines are.  There is a clinic to assist you with filling out the appropriate responsive pleading depending on the type of case.  If you cannot wait for the clinic, the Self-Help Center has instructional booklets available through the links below to assist you with filling out those forms.

Clinic Calendar

Responding to a Petition for Dissolution (with Children)

Responding to a Petition for Dissolution (without Children)

Responding to a Petition for Custody and Support

Responding to a Uniform Parentage Act Petition

Responding to a Request for Orders

Step-Parent Adoptions

The Self Help Center does not currently offer assistance with Step-Parent Adoptions.  The Judicial Council forms required to file an adoption are available on the state website


Click here for general civil information on adoption.

For Additional information about Adoptions:

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